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Featured Controls



It comes with eye-catching transition effects! All based on hardware accelerated CSS3 animations.



The famous spotlight effect returns! Add overlays to your images which smoothly fade in on hover.




The new Twitter widget displays your tweets directly on your website in real time.



The new and shiny lightbox supports images, HTML, Iframes, YouTube, Vimeo and SWF movies.

What is PureComponents .NET WinForms Suite V2011?

PureComponents .NET WinForms Suite is a complete set of enterprise quality components in the .NET WinForms market with 80 innovative controls including LightGrid, RichCalendar, GridCalendar, RibbonUI, TreeView, VisualExtender and many more.

  • ActionSet.Navigators - With Access and Outlook style navigators brings easy navigation to your applications.
  • ActionSet.RibbonUI - Complete set of components to create user interface in Microsoft Office 2007 style.
  • EntrySet.Controls - User interface components to create data entry forms of professional look & feel.
  • EntrySet.Lists - Set of data-bound list components for accessing and displaying data in various views.
  • EntrySet.Extenders - Components which extend controls with visual features, validation functions and item binding.
  • ScheduleSet.Calendars - Set of components designed to show and manipulate date based data and information.



  • 80 user interface .NET WinForms controls
  • Full documented C# source code
  • VB.NET and C# tutorials included
  • Unlimited Site License
  • Royalty free licensing


Watch the video and learn more about .NET WinForms Suite